The loss of biodiversity is one of the greatest ecological challenges facing our planet. Biodiversity means the variety among living organisms of all origins, including but not limited to terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystems, and the ecological complexes they are part of. This includes the variety within species, between species and in the ecosystems.

Accelerated by climate change, dealing with this topic is becoming more and more important. Preserving the diversity of species and habitats of organisms in the wild is therefore the most important nature conservation task worldwide. However, it’s not just the responsibility of nature conservation but a task that concerns all of society. Other sectors, such as agriculture and forestry as well as the extraction of raw materials and the supply of energy, also play an essential role.

RWE AG is aware of the importance of biodiversity and the effects of its business activities on nature, and has recognised that business as usual is insufficient to stop the loss of biodiversity. The development and operation of wind and solar parks, coal and gas-fired power plants, opencast lignite mines, and battery and gas storage facilities requires special consideration of the flora and fauna. For each project and facility, the natural environment is unique. The infrastructure required for any form of power generation has a certain impact on the surrounding environment. Therefore, we not only comply with all legal regulations but actually exceed the requirements. RWE’s goal is to have a positive net impact on biodiversity for all of our new facilities by the year 2030.

History: Biodiversity at RWE

2013-2015: Cooperation with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The IUCN made recommendations for improving biodiversity. RWE AG made a commitment to adopt a number of these recommendations.

2015: RWE AG adopted its new biodiversity policy based on the IUCN recommendations. It establishes how the Group protects and promotes biodiversity in the course of its ongoing business activities.

2018: RWE Power AG devised and introduced a biodiversity strategy for the Rhenish lignite mining area (BioDiS) based on the general RWE biodiversity policy.

2021: The RWE AG sustainability strategy was approved, establishing biodiversity as a priority topic.

2022: The biodiversity policy was revised and the new version was approved. RWE AG also joined the Science Based Target Network for Nature (SBTN).

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Biodiversity strategy

Various sites create high biodiversity! We seize opportunities to voluntarily promote biodiversity in the recultivation.

Animals and plants in recultivation


We present the results of our RWE biodiversity strategy projects in detail in our annual reports.